White done right.


A white interior can be stark and cold or energetic, light, open and inviting. The use of white in any interior can be a challenge to produce the proper balance…Read More

The Innocence of Good Design


  Innovative design arrives when you listen to your inner child. Remembering your innocence and contacting curiosity will breed the innovative spirit needed to construct contemporary art. Designing is purely…Read More

The Misconception of Interior Design


  With the newfound popularity of Netflix, it’s safe to say that a wide variety of people spend their down time binge-watching television shows. In the past few years there…Read More

Rock On


  As a busy interior designer I have been able to incorporate natural stone in many of my designs. I can’t begin to express how much I love using natural…Read More

Beauty Underfoot With 8 Interior Design Rugs

interior design rug

I’ve been asked the question many times in my career whether the rug should be the first decision in designing a room’s interior. This is a variable and is determined…Read More

Ambivalent about color? Add a splash!


Summertime is here, and it’s time to bring out color! Using color can frighten some people, but we say embrace it, don’t beige it. A safe approach is having pops…Read More

Blurred Lines With Outdoor Room Design

outdoor room design

The lines between interior and exterior living are becoming more obscure as we expand our living space to the outdoors. The furnishings for outdoor spaces have come a long way…Read More

The Legs Have It

Samuel Design Group - Santa Fe, NM

  When it comes to dining tables there are so many options. How do you choose the right one? After all, you’ll be dining and entertaining with family and friends,…Read More

The Perfect Bed


  There’s no doubt about it…the bed plays a large role in our lives. Most of us spend spend a third of our lives in bed. That means on average…Read More

Home for the Holidays


  Happy holidays from all of us at Samuel Design Group! We love the spiritual and cultural diversity of this special season, the way winter brings us together in family…Read More